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LK PGE-copper-nickel project, Finland

core storage facility
office in Finland
drill core cutting facility
drill core cutting table
Geophyics Equipment
Geophysics - Kaukua zone
Geophysics - Kaukua zone
Geophysics - Murtolampi zone
Geophysics - Murtolampi zone
 Haukiaho zone
 Haukiaho zone
Neil Pettigrew and Marrku Iljina at Kaukua
 road access

Tyko nickel-copper-PGE project, Ontario, Canada

2020 TK 20 15 and 16 cross section Dec 31 2020
2021 drilling
Kyle left drill first hole Jordan right too the first soil
Massive Pentlandite Eyes TK-21-035
pentlandite eyes TK-20-025
Smoke Discovey hole TK10-015 1
Smoke Lake Mag inversion Mar 31 2021
Smoke Lake Plan Map Apr 24 2021
TFMAG April 2 2021
TK 20 016 intsection
TK-21-029 TK-21-030 TK-21-035
TK-21-030 Close up
Tyko Property Boundary May 10 2021