ESG Report

With a focus on climate change risks and opportunities, Palladium One Mining’s strategy is to discover and ultimately produce Green Transportation Metals, including but not limited to nickel, copper, palladium, platinum and cobalt. Our strategy includes delivering Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) emissions considering the full life cycle of exploration, development, mining activities and that of the metals it strives to produce.

While the Company is at the exploration stage, its environmental impacts and risks are minimal, yet some social impacts will be realized from enhanced economic activity in local communities. Opportunities exist for formalizing partnerships with local communities in respect of many critical ESG aspects including employment, sustainable development, protection of biodiversity, protection of water, and equity/diversity in the workforce.

We see ESG as a journey that will continue to evolve and expand as the Company evolves from the exploration stage through to that of a producer. We will continue to seek ESG related opportunities and develop systems to measure compliance and guide continuous improvement.

Palladium One Mining is pleased to present its second annual 2022 ESG report and presents to its stakeholders the direction the Company intends to pursue to ensure it meets its commitments and responsibilities as a responsible corporate citizen.

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